Touching the Core

with Chi Nei Tsang

Claudia Mansbach, CMT


Chinese Polestar Astrology

Chinese Polestar Astrology looks at character, or the skills we bring to challenges and fortunes. It also looks at fate and freedom, where we can have difficulties and openings.


Chinese Polestar Astrology brings us beyond judgment about ourselves and others, and into understanding of the what we have to work with and possible avenues for resolution.


Besides being a tool for ourselves, it brings great understanding about our children, partners, or other important people in our lives.


Natal charts and progressions available


Readings take about 90 minutes. Please bring a device to record your reading.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full fee.



Claudia has an attentive, clear, compassionate, precise, yet humble style as she passed on old knowledge to me that resonated with many parts of my life and gave me the opportunity to reflect inward on what is true for me. I also became aware of more opportunities for an expanding life.

 – Dan


Claudia's astrology reading helped me to understand better my relationship to my past, to my ancestors and what they want for me, and to myself. I am aware in a new way of the tremendous support I have and of the truth that I am not alone. This is huge! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Chinese astrology through the reading. The approach is unique and fascinating. Claudia's ability to synthesize the information made this an exciting experience.

 – Elyse