Touching the Core

with Chi Nei Tsang

Claudia Mansbach, CMT



     Claudia is a true healer. I started seeing her when I had terrible acid reflux, a condition I had never experienced and over which I was so distraught.  After just two sessions with Claudia my reflux lessened considerably and after my 4th session the reflux was gone. When I went to my western MD for the reflux before I met Claudia, the doctor wanted to put me on medications and run tests but it was clearly much deeper than that and I am so grateful that I avoided those interventions.


One thing I greatly appreciate about Claudia is that she treats the whole being. I told her that I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and she gave me techniques and wisdom to help that I had not encountered before, which is saying a great deal because I have struggled almost my whole adult life with insomnia. Each new thing I tried and each session with Claudia brought

me closer to a full night of restful sleep. I now sleep throughout the night, unaided by medications or even herbs, and for longer times than I have in several years. I cannot explain how much this has astonished me; I have been to a plethora of healers for insomnia and have never had results like this.


Not only is Claudia an immensely skilled healer but she is the of the sweetest, wisest souls you will meet. Her gentle guidance, caring and grounded presence are healing in and of themselves. I am a hospice nurse and know the healing value of these qualities. I leave each session healthier in body, mind and soul.

            Janan A.


      I am a soon-to-be mom in my early 40's. I am a small woman, and fitting a baby in my body seemed like it was going to be a real challenge. With the work I did with Claudia throughout my pregnancy, I had more than enough room for the baby to be completely active. I walked around 5 miles each day and felt unencumbered.

All in all, I cannot recommend a better healing modality to help with the constant changes happening during pregnancy.

            Eileen Karpfinger, Chiropractor, Oakland


     I’ve had breathing difficulties for decades, and Claudia's work helped me to finally find pathways for deeper, more natural breathing. I also love her ability to work with the whole person and not just with "body parts."

            Frank Sanitate, International Seminar Leader, Santa Barbara


     Since 2004, Claudia’s commitment to my health has greatly contributed to my healing from a heart-related illness. In addition, the self-care she taught me has helped me achieve a higher level of self-awareness and happiness. I deeply appreciate Claudia's work.

            Meg M., Manager, Author, Bodyworker, Healer


     I've had years of talk therapy, and Chi Nei Tsang with Claudia feels something like that, but nonverbal and in the present moment. Aspects of health and happiness I thought were lost to me forever have been resolved through this wonderful therapeutic experience.

            Annie Yakutis, Artist, Santa Ynez


     Claudia and Chi Nei Tsang are a beautiful gift of love and healing. Claudia radiates peace and healing energy as it comes through her gifted hands and the CNT techniques. In my busy life her healing hands were my oasis. I left feeling deeply relaxed, and I loved sharing a cup of tea after each session.

            Barbara Muller,, Santa Barbara


     Claudia has a unique healing presence, a deep, grounded compassion and generosity and connection to spirit. She creates a comforting place of rest and nurturing where I am safe to unwind. Our session was one of a few I have received that remains a visceral memory, connected to a potent insight and supporting my own journey as a healer and increasing my self-awareness. Through Chi Nei Tsang she explores the intimate territory offered by the belly, its connectedness to the entire being, and how it becomes a cosmic metaphor.

            Tamar Zadaca, Practitioner of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Shiatsu, Northern California


     Claudia brings her intuitive wisdom quietly and elegantly through her hands. I feel listened to at levels beyond my conscious knowing. Her gentleness and depth enable me to open more to trusting my body...and Life. My bowels have been gradually moving more consistently and thoroughly, and gas has diminished.

            Jyoti Saeun, Energy Healer, Oakland


     I have seen Claudia for Chi Nei Sung for batches of treatment since 2008. This spring she helped facilitate a cleanse with the recommended hands-on work, which seemed to have resolved one of my longest standing bodily issues. I always feel lovingly held and supported by Claudia, and the process always impacts me on many levels.

            Maja Bengston, Berkeley


     Two years ago Western doctors told me I needed to have my gall bladder removed. Thanks to Claudia I still have my gall bladder and am perfectly healthy!

            Aldyn Jones, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong instructor, Sonoma